Marilyn has had a solid, successful career in the computer industry since graduating as a civil engineer at Oxford University.  She is an experienced and flexible IT professional with a strong work ethic which promotes long standing business relationships and referrals.  She has taken these technical and people skills into a new career.

Marilyn joined the Sealed Knot Photo Team (a voluntary post) almost by chance having been to the Old Basing re-enactment in 2008, and re-enactment photography has formed a big part of her amateur photographic portfolio since then.  People photography in general has been a strong part of her photographic services.

Following her Events Photographer of the Year win at the SWPP awards dinner in January 2011, Marilyn is now working as a freelance professional photographer focusing on family photography, sports and baby portraits, with some weddings, but has done some commercial fashion shoots and orchestral publicity photography. 

In October 2011 she was awarded the Royal Photographic Society gold medal and trophy for the Digital Imaging Group with her photo of Silverback Gorillas Fighting, taken at Port Lympne in March 2011, and the next year won a judges' ribbon in the same competition for her 'Attack on La Haye Sainte'.

Marilyn has been using 'Blurb' the publishers for book store quality short run photobooks.  She is registered with Blurb as a 'Blurberati'. 

Marilyn is the official photographer for the Bramley Golf Club Centenary celebrations and festival in 2013.




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